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Sheepdog Tactical and Strategic Solutions (SHEEPDOG365), based in Northern Delaware, is dedicated to providing the highest quality of protection training and instruction to members of the law enforcement, military and private security communities. We also provide training and tactical/strategic solutions for personal/civilians, corporate and faith-based organizations.

Sheepdog's tactical and strategic training is based on real-world encounters and years of experience in training local, state, federal and military personnel. Our instructors are currently still operational in the field bringing their vast military, SWAT and executive protection experience back to the table. We constantly and consistently train for the day the wolf comes.

Sheepdog's Tactical and Strategic Solutions' training is derived from tier one worldwide tactical specialists in law enforcement, military and security communities as well as recognized federal agencies. In addition, as veterans of the law enforcement, military and security communities, we also employ best practices used across the industry in conjunction with our United States federal and state laws. The culmination should be combined when dealing with today's rapidly evolving tactical and security challenges.

The Sheepdog Tactical and Strategic Solutions' philosophy is, "if you are responsible for protecting others, you are a Sheepdog 365 days of the year - you have to be - you've chosen to walk a higher path."


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